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Delinquent Real Property Taxes  

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have before the property tax is advertised for tax sale?  

Real estate taxes are advertised for three consecutive weeks in October. The advertising dates vary from year to year and it's best to pay before October 1st to avoid the advertising charge.

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Do I have to pay more if my property is advertised?  

Yes, there will be an additional advertising charge per each parcel that is advertised in the newspaper.

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Do I lose my property if it goes through the tax sale? 

No, you still have an additional three years before the tax sale buyer can apply for a deed to the property. However, the interest rate determined for that year will accrue to the date of payment. After three years from date of sale, if the tax sale buyer applies for deed to the property, the owner is notified and given a last chance to pay the taxes.

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When is the last day to pay to keep the property out of the tax sale? 

You will need to pay before the week of the sale in order to keep it out of the sale. If you pay after that time, additional costs will be added.

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