Contact Information
544 Rood Avenue, Room 100
Grand Junction, CO 81501

Mailing Address
Department 5027
P.O. Box 20,000
Grand Junction, CO 81502-5001

(970) 244-1824

Hours 8:30 a.m - 4:30 p.m.

Treasurer's Fee

Fees of the County Treasurer
CRS 30-1-102 *

In accordance with state law, the County Treasurer shall charge and receive the following fees:

For each copy of a receipt issued for current year taxes

For each copy of a receipt issued for prior years 

Advertise delinquent personal property taxes (or the cost of advertising, whichever is greater)

Certificate of Taxes Due

Advertise each real property description for sale (delinquent taxes due)

Advertise each Manufactured Home for sale --September (delinquent taxes due)

Second advertisement of Manufactured Homes for sale --October

Certificate of Purchase

Endorsement of subsequent taxes paid on Tax Certificates

Notice of Purchase

Cost of Advertisement
Treasurer's Deed (if the application IS NOT advertised)

Treasurer's Deed (if the application IS advertised)

Certificate of Redemption

Distraint Warrant ($15/Treasurer; $35/Sheriff)



* Additional fees are outlined in statute.