Tax Lien Sales

The Mesa County 2018 Online Tax Lien Sale is scheduled for Wednesday, November 7, 2018.

An Online Tax Lien Sale is designed to promote fairness while allowing for increased access and competiveness in the sale of tax liens. Since auction procedures may vary from those in previous years and those in other areas, we encourage you to take an appropriate amount of time to study the “online” auction procedures and responsibilities of a tax lien holder. Please familiarize yourself with the internet auction procedures and Mesa County’s “Bidding Rules” that will be adhered to at sale. Also, all bidders will be required to complete a registration process online, as well as a deposit process in order to participate in the sale. If you previously registered online to participate in Mesa County's online tax sale, you do not have to register again. However, please make sure ALL registration information is up-to-date!

Unlike an “in-person” auction, an “onlineTax Lien Sale offers investors the opportunity to access relevant property information and enter their bids directly on one website. Most notably, however, is that bidders will be doing this without having to leave their home or office to attend.

We appreciate your interest in Mesa County’s Tax Lien Sale. We encourage you to contact at 1-877-361-7325, or my office (970-244-1824) with any questions concerning the process.


Janice Rich, Mesa County Treasurer