Moving A Manufactured Home


Notify the county treasurer of your request to move the manufactured home. The treasurer’s office will issue a Tax Authentication and moving permit once all applicable fees and taxes have been paid in full. The cost of the Tax Authentication and moving permit is $10.00. Please fill out the Authentication Permit Request for all move, purge, and destroy requests.

  • If the home is remaining in Mesa County, taxes must be paid in full for the current year.
  • Contact Mesa County Planning and Building Department prior to moving manufactured home within unincorporated Mesa County.
  • If the home is moving out of the county, but staying in the state, current and prepaid taxes for next year must be paid.
  • If the home is moving out of state, ALL taxes (current and prorated to the month home is moving) must be paid.
  • If a manufactured home is destroyed, all taxes, current and prorated tax amount to the day it is destroyed, must be paid.

If the manufactured home is moving OUTSIDE OF MESA COUNTY, the owner must provide the new county treasurer and assessor with the new location of the home and the mailing address within 20 days of arrival. The new county assessor will pick up the value and the taxes will be due the following year.

If the manufactured home is an oversized/overweight load, please contact the Mesa County Public Works Department to get a permit.


  • Any manufactured home owner or mover who moves a manufactured home and fails to notify the county treasurer and county assessor may be assessed a fine of not less than $100.00 nor more than $1,000.00.
  • The fine for multiple use of a moving permit or prorated tax receipt is $350.00.


Moving Permit Request

Manufactured Home Authentication Permit Request.pdf