Manufactured Home Information

Manufactured Home Forms - Information and forms for Manufactured Homes

Responsibilities - Responsibilities of the Treasurer, Assessor, home owner, and renter.

Buying and Selling a Manufactured Home - Responsibilities of the seller and buyer of manufactured home.

Moving a Manufactured Home - Moving procedures and penalties of moving a manufactured home.

Permanently Affixing Manufactured Home to Real Estate - This process is also know as “Purging a Manufactured Home.” In order to start the process the manufactured home has to be sitting on a foundation, without any wheels or axles..

Delinquent Taxes - Property taxes officially become delinquent May 1 each year if not paid in full. If the half payment option is selected, the first half becomes delinquent March 1 and the second half becomes delinquent June 16.

Tax Lien Sale for Manufactured Homes - Once the taxes are sold, a tax lien is placed against the manufactured home.