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Treasurer's Fees  

 Fees of the County Treasurer
CRS 30-1-102 *

In accordance with state law, the County Treasurer shall charge and receive the following fees:

For each copy of a receipt issued for current year taxes $2.00
For each copy of a receipt issued for prior years  $5.00
Advertise delinquent personal property taxes (or the cost of advertising, whichever is greater) $10.00
Certificate of Taxes Due $10.00
Advertise each real property description for sale (delinquent taxes due) $28.00
Advertise each Manufactured Home for sale --September (delinquent taxes due) $10.00
Second advertisement of Manufactured Homes for sale --October $10.00
Certificate of Purchase $4.00
Endorsement of subsequent taxes paid on Tax Certificates $5.00
Notice of Purchase Cost of Advertisement
Treasurer's Deed (if the application IS NOT advertised) $35.00
Treasurer's Deed (if the application IS advertised) $75.00
Certificate of Redemption $7.00
Distraint Warrant ($15/Treasurer; $35/Sheriff) $50.00

* Additional fees are outlined in statute. 

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