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Frequently Asked Questions



What is an Authentication?  

An authentication is a form required by law to be submitted to Motor Vehicle for title changes. It also states that the taxes are paid or not paid.


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When do you need to get a Mobile Home Authentication?  

When you sell, buy, or want to move a manufactured home.


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Who is responsible for obtaining a Mobile Home Authentication? 

Person(s) involved with the sale or movement of the manufactured home.


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What is the cost of the authentication? 

The cost is $10.00.


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Are there any other costs involved? 

Yes, if you are the seller, you are responsible for paying the taxes current to date of sale (this includes taxes billed for the prior year, and taxes in the current year).


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If I'm moving the home, where do I get a moving permit? 

The moving permit is issued with the authentication and is obtained at the Treasurer's Office.


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Is there a charge for the moving permit? 

Price is included with authentication. A $1.00 fee will be charged for each additional permit.


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